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#!/hyderabad/bin/Perl - Welcome to Hyderabad Perl Mongers!!!

We are a Perl orientated IT group generally involve talk on programming concepts, ideas, new technologies and trends in perl and ofcourse open source.This group collects many of the active perl things and give into your hands easily. You can easily know what happens in, perl foundation, new modules, perl conferences like most of the things easily access. is a group of people who use Perl in their work or personal programming projects and like to meet and talk about it. We welcome the perl souls,open source evangelists and active members who are interested in Open source from Hyderabad, is not confined to just Hyderabad and anyone around the Andhra pradesh and world can participate.

Thank you very much for stepping here and once again we welcome to the camel ride and look forward to see you in the forthcoming meetings.

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